Friday, November 18, 2011

Mommy's Moment: Contributions

I have made some contributions.

I'm not talking about to orphanages, pregnancy resource centers, or homeless shelters.

No, I'm talking about something much more vain than that.

My genetic contributions to my children.

You see it seems I get this...

"Oh they look just like John."


"When are you going to bear kids that look like you?"


"That's a spitting image of John."

I love my husband. I love what he contributes to our children.

But I carried these children for nine months and bore them...

I'd like to think my contributions are appreciated as well.

So today, I took matters into my own hands...or uh, scanner.

My first act of scanning...(after a year of owning a scanner)

to prove I did have some genes enter into my children.

Perhaps I'm setting myself up for failure.

But here I go...

I tend to think Grant resembles me the most.


But, I have some proof.

Grant at 2                    Me at 2

Come on, do you see it? Something? A glimmer of Hart inside his body?

I like to think we share the same full face (not my proudest asset) along with our coloring.

So, what's your thought?

Only share it if it agrees with mine.

I need to hear you say it.

Just say it...

Grant looks like me...

(taken from a line in Far and the last part with an Irish'll pack more of a punch, trust me.)


LB said...

1. I love seeing a baby picture of you. So fun!!

2. I do see a resemblance (seriously)

3. And, finally, I can so relate to the comments about how your children looking like John. Oh my word, people go nuts over John looking just like Scott (and they used to be that way about Ada until John came along and looked even more like him). But, my sister, Ann, thinks that John looks like me--in a less obvious way, maybe;) Scott was a skinny little toddler, and I was a chunk, plus I had the same pouty face as John:) So, I can understand the frustration that you feel!!!

Jessica said...

yes, John also was more of a skinny toddler while I also was a chunk...similar to Grant's build. thanks for the comment!

Mary said...

He DOES look like you!!!! He really really does! I can also see the resemblance to Kate & Hannah too, from that picture. You were (and are!) such a cutie-pie! : ))

Mary said...

Oh and I love the Far & Away line. You crack me up!

Learning as we Live said...

he really does look like you!! and I get comments all the time about how Colton looks just like Jeremy-only I think people just say that b/c they are just boys...I don't see it

mikelynn91 said...

Definitely resemblance BUT Hannah is your mini-me!!! Come on! She is you to a tee!!