Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Sister's Investment

Here's my sister, Hannah. She's also known as my second mom.

She treats me well. Most of the time. You know, as long as I don't pull her hair or  try to comb her hair in the bathtub. And if I keep my teeth to myself. That's always a mistake when I forget that one. Obviously Yo Gabba Gabba knew what they were doing when they wrote the hit, "Don't Bite Your Friends," or sister for that matter. Powerful. Anyways, she shows me secrets in life, like why it's wise just to smile at the awkward bug and not actually pick it up.

Did I mention she's a fast runner? Real fast.

I am not. But, she's patient and agrees to move at my speed...a brisk walk. I think I'm bowlegged.
That's not going to look nice in evening gown wear.

Okay, who am I kidding...I can run with the best of them. Sometimes I deem it necessary to paint a more calm, serene picture of myself in hopes that it will stick. It's not.

Hannah taught me how to be cordial to the neighbors, who are my best friends. I always hope by a friendly wave I can get them to come over with their dog, "nie-nee." Tonight it didn't work.

And that Hannah, well  besides being fast, she's quite strong.Perhaps the Olympics are in her future. Whether they are or not,  I enjoy reaping from the fruits of her labor. It really is convenient,like when I don't feel like walking up our hill. I just wonder how much longer she can do it. Give me a few months and I'm sure to outweigh her.

While she's a brut, she can also be a beauty.
She showed me how to eloquently pose in front of nature. You know, for all those beauty pageant cover photos we'll be sending in in a couple of years. By looks of "Toddlers and Tiaras" we have some stiff competition. I think the "natural" shots will be sure to make us stand out.

But it looks like I have so practicing to do. And some major investigating to do on my eczema. I can't seem to stop itching. That's a problem for the beauty world. Yes, that red spot on my ankle, it's just a small taste of the eczema that ravages my body. Okay, maybe ravage is harsh but it seems an appropriate verb when you're scratching yourself raw at times. Okay, that's harsh too. I think maybe I have  flair for the dramatic. 

So, for now I'll just enjoy life. Soak up all my sister has to offer while embracing my differences. 

And maybe go see what I can learn from Grant.