Sunday, May 27, 2012

Watch Out!

Birthdays, well, they're just awesome. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't about the presents. Because, at four years old, it's about the presents.

I officially own my first gun. Well, two for that matter. My awesome neighbors got me a Nerf gun. And then, lo and behold, on my birthday morn I was surprised with another gun, a marshmallow gun at that! Mommy and Daddy got me that along with my Care Bear.

A gun that shoots marshmallows, what is there NOT to like about that?!

Those of you who know me also know I'm passionate about Angry Birds. So, when Grandmama got me an ANGRY BIRDS SHIRT along with the game, Angry Birds...well, I was THRILLED. You will notice my Angry Birds shirt in the first picture. It says, "This is what awesome looks like." I put it on at my party and didn't take it off until Sunday afternoon the next day.

Yes, I wore it to church.

As for the game, Mommy and I have some techniques to perfect but I already know it's a winner.

Man, I love birthdays.