Monday, May 14, 2012


Redemption is the theme to Easter.

So, it's a bit fitting to be our theme for this year's Easter egg hunt.

Perhaps you remember what happened to us last year. Grant scored two eggs in the massive stampede led by competitive parents perfecting the football hold on their infant and toddler children hoping to get the edge on the egg retrival.

They did.

And then I was left empty handed and full of tears after realizing I had never perfected the shuttle run. Sprint. Bend down. Grab. Turn. Repeat. Apparently the other children had practiced this technique in preparation for the big day. Their baskets were full. Mine, empty.

The year before Mom had to ask grown women, with no kids in sight, who were hoarding eggs in their shirts to be gracious and leave a few for me and Grant who, again, had been out run by much larger kids to the few eggs that layed in the field.

This year we vowed never to return to the neighborhood hunt.

But redemption came this year. To the egg hunt.

My friend hosted the hunt. Well, his parents did. And. I. Racked. Up.

And so did Grant who managed to snag his own personal egg hunter who also happened to hide many of the eggs.

And Kate, well, we are thankful she will never know the evil, greedy, blood sucking side of Easter egg hunts. Her memory will only consist of lots of eggs and wide open spaces that proved the perfect answer to avoid stampedes of over zealous, competitive parents who are trying to make up for those disappointing years of egg hunts where they too went home empty handed.

Wait, is that what Grant and I have to look forward to?

Redemption. That's right. Our disorder has been restored. At least in the egg hunting department.

So this year, I'm happy to leave you with smiling faces, over flowing baskets, and good memories.

Easter Hunt Redemption 2012.