Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Video for You: You are My Sunshine

We're on a roll over here at the Harman Hood serving up some memorable moments for you.

I've heard people say, "I've been singing since I was a baby." I mean, I think that's a prerequisite to get on American Idol. I always thought, "yeah right." I know, real sensitive huh?

Hannah and Grant never started singing at a really young age, heck, they don't sing a ton now.

But Kate, my little Kate, well, she is quite the little singer around the house. It just started. She moseys along the house and in a sing song way makes music. It's really sweet. Maybe, just maybe, we have a real singer on our hands (it didn't come from me as you'll hear/heard from the video).

Lately I've been singing "You are My Sunshine" along with other songs when I rock Kate before bed at night. And, lo and behold, she has started joining in. To the untrained Kate speak ear this may sound like a bunch of gibberish, but she's singing, and she's singing some words. She sings, "happy," "bay" for gray, "oo" for you and "badu" for love you. Of course, she says "baby" over and over. I added a word or two of my being one of them.

This is a video to most that may seem uneventful but it's a moment I want to always remember. It's so sweet and I'm glad I caught it on tape. And I'm happy to share it with you.


Jenny said...

Oh, Jess, this is so precious! What a great moment to share!

Grandmama said...

I loved it, she is so sweet singing with you.

Jess said...

absolutely precious!!!!