Monday, July 30, 2012

The Queen Bead

 As some of you may have heard, The Queen Bead is in business.

The company consists of me, the brains and developer, as well as my younger siblings, Grant, our sign spinner, and Kate, the "I want to take the money and eat it" girl.

I realized Grant needs sign spinning lessons.
And a possible attitude adjustment.
Kate has no idea how to count money.
She does know how to eat it.
Training is imperative.
That's my first order of business.

Therefore, I thought it best to man the table on opening day.


Our first customer, Nathan, proudly spent his money on some bracelets.


We hated to see him go. He was a good customer.

So, back to advertising. Since Grant suffered a bit at sign spinning, I thought it fair to give Kate a turn.

It seemed she couldn't keep the sign appropriately displayed.

I really need to hire a sign spinner to train my employees.

Until then, I'll do it myself.

I'm proud to say we earned $9 during our opening day. Thank you to all our patrons who stopped and bought our bracelets/necklaces/rings/hair ties.

All 8 of you.

We are proud to do business with you.


Grandmama said...

so much fun!