Sunday, January 13, 2013

Six Flags over LG

We love boxes.
And boxes on a grassy hill, well, that's like having Six Flags in our own backyard.
Okay, you're right, we've never been to Six Flags...BUT...I can't imagine it being any more exciting than this...
the rush of the box sliding fiercely against the dormant grass as it sends you flying down the hill only to come to a terrificly dramatic stop as it skids on the concrete below.
You can only hold on tightly and hope for a safe landing.
The anticipation takes your breath away.
The exhiliration leaves you wanting more (and sometimes with grass in your hair).
 And the jubilation creates an insatiable desire for more.
Yep, it sounds like Six Flags, except it's free and promises an unending supply of rides.
I'd say nothing beats it.



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