Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Brighter Visit to the Pier

We made a second visit to the pier one afternoon...this time sporting our new Tybee souvenier t-shirts. Aren't we a sight for sore eyes? As you can tell, we were in better spirits. The weather was looking up and the next day we would finally hit the "real" beach. Grant's favorite site on the pier...the birds that would randomly land on it. Actually, the birds were Grant's favorite site on the whole trip. Who knew? Perhaps he takes after his Papa. Mommy says apparently Papa enjoys birds. Grant found great delight in chasing those babies, so much so that he would lose all clear reasoning and find himself quite a distance away from us. I did hear Mommy bribing Grant with birds too. On our long walk back to the car when we went to the big beach Mommy would entice Grant to hurry along by pointing out seagulls in the distance. That got Grant's feet a moving as he crouched down and ran toward them. Thankfully this method worked, otherwise we probably would still be walking to our car. So, I'm glad Grant likes birds.