Saturday, October 05, 2013

My Little Pony Party

For Hannah's 7th Birthday Party we did My Little Pony.
On the agenda we designed our own ponies, face painted a cutie mark on each girl, played pin the tail on the pony, made our own lip gloss and gathered candy from her own My Little Pony pinata.
And of course, had cake and opened presents.

The highlight for me was when my neice, Allie, thought the cake came from Publix. Sure, she's eight, but I'll take the compliment!

We also used ribbon to make our own pony manes. The girls picked one off of the fireplace screen upon arriving.

The beautiful birthday girl.

For favors I put their own lip gloss kit (small bead container and a pack of Kool-Aid, minus the petroleum jelly) in their own My Little Pony cup.

As always, the party was a bit chaotic (12 girls or so) but when I asked Hannah if she had fun and her face lit up and she said, YES! Then I know it was all worth it!


Hazel Awkit said...

Your party looked amazing. I'm looking for My Little Pony party ideas for my little girl and yours looked great!