Monday, June 25, 2007

And Then I'm Back to Square One!

And after much striving and I am...back at square one! What fun I have! If anyone needs some good ideas to keep you me and I'll be sure to give you some great ideas! Oh and sorry about the tempermental face...I was just a little tuckered out. Oh and check out my hair....what a "do" I am sporting! It's all that static electricity that gets surging through you while you knock your head back and forth on those pillows. Oh and mommy thought that one picture with the really disgruntled look and hair looks a lot like her! Not much of a compliment I have to say. But mommy says it is a typical look for her...never ready for the photo!


Groovers said...

All of these shots of your game, Hannah, are just adorable! And you do kinda look like your mom in that photo, but please tell her that it's because you are both too cute (not for the reasons she mentioned.)