Saturday, June 16, 2007

Making Some Progress

While I was gone a couple of things have begun to slowly develop. . .such as this new stance. Now I can't get to this position on my own...mommy has to put me like this. BUT...I can hold myself here for a little bit. So I am slowly moving towards crawling. But I still think it will be awhile. What is the other development you may ask. Well...lo and two lower front teeth are starting to come in! It's very hard to see them so a camera wouldn't help here. But mommy finally noticed two tiny white spots (those are my teeth) poking through my gums. Can you believe it? Finally...those pearly whites are showing themselves! As soon as they are more pronounced I will get mommy to get a real good shot of 'um!


Jeremy, Trista, & Hayden said...

She's going to be on the move before you know it! Then you will be wondering why you wanted her to crawl so bad!! I am so excited about those two little teeth, can't wait to see them.