Friday, June 22, 2007

A Special Shout Out

Here's a special shout out to those who love me in Kennesaw, GA (that's you Grandmama and Grandaddy!)! Thanks so much for my great onesie. I can now fit into it...although I think it was created for a Chub Baby...short and fat. It's a little snug length-wise and quite baggy width-wise. But I still love it! I'm giving you a big wave! Thanks and can't wait to see you soon!


Groovers said...

I LOVE all the new pics, thanks for keeping us updated - she is such a cutie! :)

Grandmama said...

Hi Hannah, I have been gone for awhile to see your great MaMa in Louisiana but now I am home and was so glad to see all your new pictures. You are growing so fast and I just can't wait to see you. I might just have to come down one day and we will do lunch if you and Mom are up to it. I love you, Grandmama