Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Caught in the Act Part Two

Well, I am enjoying my thumb in so many new places! I found out that if I get tired playing for a moment I can just pop my thumb in my mouth for a quick break and when I am ready to proceed I can get back into it. It's not nearly as much of an ordeal to get it into my mouth as it used to be. I can usually get it in now without having to go down my whole face which mommy likes because I usually end up scratching my face when I do that!

Look at me now!

Well, this was a couple days after that other picture and boy have I already gotten better! I can hold my head up now for a few minutes! I am really enjoying the new perspective. The world looks so different at this angle! And guess what? I don't hate my tummy time as much anymore! I am getting the hang of it!!

MOM, are you getting this?!!

I was trying to get mom's attention because I couldn't keep my head raised up much longer!! She always wants a good picture of me with my head up so I gave her a good look in the eye to let her know this was it! It's hard for me to keep my head up for such a long time! But I am learning!

Granny Hannah

Well, all these cold days and nights we have been having Hannah has had to dress very warmly. This ensemble made me laugh. She looks like a little old granny in the hat and the bulky sweater. If any of you are familiar with the commercial where the little old lady bundles up in layers because her heat has gone out...well this picture of Hannah reminds me of that! And the way she is sitting only makes it more appropriate! BUT...I must say...I LOVE the hat she has on! It reminds me of a hat the ladies would wear in the twenties. Just another funny picture of Hannah!

Just a Shout Out to Aunt Ash

Hi Ash! I wanted to show you how cute I look in my princess hat and mittens! It was a COLD night Friday night and mommy was looking for something to put me in so I wouldn't get cold when we went out. So I said, "Mommy, what about that hat and mittens Aunt Ash got for me at Disney World?" She thought that was a great idea so she put it on and then laughed a lot at me...I don't know why. I thought it was a pretty practical idea. But I just am sitting here waving to you and showing you how great I look. Thanks again!

Get In Shape Girl

Here I am doing my daily exercises on my mat. I've got my sweatpants on and everything! I do the ballet criss cross when my legs are in the air...this appears to help with the thigh area...mine are getting a little chunky these days! Ignore that picture with me just laying there...mommy just caught me on a short break!! I love to lay on my mat and kick my legs around. As you can see from the previous picture...I am also using my legs to hoist me over onto my stomach...hopefully I will make it there soon! We'll keep you posted!

What Are You Looking At??

I was surprised to have caught this "mean" look on camera! What a face!!! It's funny because two seconds later she was all smiles again!! I guess that's a woman for ya!

Trying to Roll Over

Hannah surprised me the other day when she started to roll to her side from her back. She couldn't quite get all the way over so I have been helping her by giving her an extra little boost. She smiles when I step in to roll her completely over. Here is a picture of her rocking herself onto her side. It won't be long now!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

It's My Birthday!

I am four months today (January 25th)! I have been around now for four months and am starting to learn the ropes of how things work around here. Life has been good so far. Pretty much whatever I need is taken care of by mommy, daddy, or any other wonderful family member! It took some adjusting too...it's a lot different out here than it was in mommy's tummy but I am really beginning to like it so much!

Tummy Time!

Well, let me be the first to say...I HATE TUMMY TIME! But for some reason mommy insists that I do it...she says it will help me learn to crawl. So she put me on my tummy here but I think I did a little better this time. As you can see from one of the photos I am attempting to lift my head...which may seem like a small feat for some but for me it is quite an accomplishment! Often my face just plants into the ground which I follow by screaming for mommy to get me back on my back! So this is actually good progress! Usually mommy wouldn't even have time to get the camera ready because my face is flat on the ground. Oh and do you see my keys in the picture? Mommy put those there to encourage me to reach for them...which would help me get moving some. I didn't ever grab them but maybe next time I will try. I can only work on one thing at a time!

Papa Hart's Visit

Guess who came to see me on Wednesday night? Papa Hart!!! What a great surprise! We had so much fun (until I got a little cranky because I got so worn out from all the fun)! He bounced me around and I showed him how I can hold my head up like a big girl...well for most of the time, sometimes it slowly begins to drop. I also showed him how I can "talk" now and I gave him a few big smiles! I did get distracted a little bit by the tv though and would stop to see what was going on. Thanks so much for coming! I can't wait to see you again!! I love you Papa!

My Keys

This is my new favorite toy...my keys! They are small so I can fit my small fingers around it and then I just shake them and shake them!! I still sometimes have a problem with hitting my face when I get really excited! Mommy teaches me the colors and numbers...in English and Spanish...when I play with my keys. I have a hard time remembering all of it though!

Daddy's Birthday

Daddy's birthday was on January 22nd. Here we are after he opened his presents that mommy and I got him! It was so fun!! I can't wait until my birthday! After we opened presents we went to one of daddy's favorite places to eat breakfast food...Denny's! Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay awake for the cake but I heard it was yummy...Oreo Blizzard Icecream Cake! Daddy said that he and mommy watched The Ringer while they ate the cake...that was one of the presents we got daddy! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Caught in the Act

Mommy caught me...sucking my thumb in the carseat. I was caught off guard as you can see from one of the photos (and though it looks as if I am throwing a gang sign..be certain I am not!!). I find it very soothing to put my thumb in my mouth on the car rides...it helps put me right to sleep. So yet again...we have more of me sucking my thumb! From the looks of it...she'll probably STILL be posting pictures of me sucking my thumb when I am four or five...though they say by then the habit should be broken...we'll see about that!

What's Up?

This is my cool pose...well I HAD to look cool because mommy put me in this somewhat babyish hat (disregard the fact I AM a baby). It was actually a little to small for my head...can you believe it...after all those bad experiences with hats that were too big we finally put one on that was a little too small! What can I say...I'm a growing girl! So...what's up with you?

Yellow is My Color

Mommy said that yellow is my color..whatever that means. She said because I looked so lovely in this yellow ensemble she would like to take yet another photo of me. I decided to mix it up a bit and give all of you a side shot of me with a simple but pleasing smile. I figured that was the best I could do to add variety since mommy does take a lot of pictures!

Look Who Got Me!

So I was just swinging here very nicely when...ALL OF A SUDDEN....OUT OF THE BLUE...my caterpillar jumped up to get me! I decided to let him stay because I must say...it is a nice ride and I would like to share it with someone who can also appreciate its soothing effects. This post goes out to you my nimble caterpillar. This post goes out to you.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Having a Blast!

We played on Hannah's little piggy yesterday and she was all smiles! When I compare this picture with the other's where she is on her piggy I can see how much she has grown. I think she is going to be tall! She has grown so much in length...so much so that she can fit into her 6 month sleepers now (she is in one at the moment)!! I thought this was a great picture of her contagious smile! Our sister-in-law, Bethany, gave Hannah the little sunhat that is sitting on the pig at the moment. I can't wait to put it on Hannah this summer when we make our way to the pool! What a cute gift Bethany! Right now the piggy loves it!! Grandmamma also got Hannah the monogramed blanket that is also on the pig. Hannah is so blessed to have so many people who love her!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bundled Up

Well, it was SO cold today! Mommy said I had to bundle up when we went to bible study and out to run errands. I got to wear this fun striped sweatsuit that friends of our's let us borrow. I really like it because it has the hoodie on the sweat jacket and it actually fits my head! Everytime mommy tries to put some hat on me it's always too big and it ends up going over my eyes and I just fuss and fuss because I can't see! Well this little hoodie fits me perfectly! It doesn't get in my eyes and it keeps me warm while we are out and about (and I must add that I think I do look stylish!)! A special thanks to the Means family for letting us borrow this cute outfit!

Me and My Friend Hayden

Saturday night we went to go eat at the Ross' house in Conyers. . .that's where my friend Hayden lives who is in the picture with me. She was born just ten days after me (yes, I know...I am a petite little stinker for my age)! I think we will be good friends. I really did have a good time there even though this picture makes you think otherwise! I was just so worn out from all the fun and it was getting close to my bedtime so naturally I was a little fussy. Thank you Jeremy, Trista, and Hayden for having us over!

Me and Mommy

Mommy wanted a picture of me and her together so daddy took this one of us the other day. I love to sit facing outward now so I can see everything. I feel like such a big girl when I do that! I get so comfortable that I can sit like this for thirty minutes or so...mommy said this will come in handy at night when we are watching American Idol...oh and I saw my first ever episode last night! I chuckled a little at all the funny people!


So I have started to figure out I can actually hit these animals that bop up and down and twirl around...and it's SO MUCH FUN! I sometimes get tickled and start to make noises back to these animals...but they always say the same thing. I am really having fun on my mat though! I am so happy the Sandersons let me borrow this for awhile!!

Playtime on My Quilt

I love to play and talk to mommy while I am on my quilt (given to me by a good friend of mommy's and grandma Hart's...Mrs. Caranto). We do situps on my quilt where mommy pulls my arms and I will sit up...I LOVE to do this and I always have a big smile on my face! So here I am just hanging out...kicking around...having a good time one afternoon!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My New Caterpillar

Mommy and Daddy got me this caterpillar for Christmas. I'm really too little to do much with it right now...but mommy insisted that I try to play with it for awhile (really she just thought it would make another cute picture!). So here I am pretending to play with my caterpillar. He is cute...maybe we'll be better friends when I can really move him around. The other picture is yet another closeup mommy took of me...as you can see I am sucking on my hand...something I just love to do now...in fact I do it so much that my knuckles are chapped from all the sucking!!!

Just Chillin with My Daddy

Daddy and I are just sittin here relaxing after a long day. We are watching tv. That's one new thing I have enjoyed watching...the tv. It has so many bright colors and it flashes a lot. So daddy and I are just checking to see what's on....mommy and daddy said this great show American Idol starts next week and then I often hear mommy say something about Lost....hmmmm. Can't wait to see what that's all about!

Swinging in My New Outfit

I wanted mom to show Grandma Hart how I looked in my new outfit she got me for Christmas. I just love it! I have been wearing it a lot! Mommy says it brings out the blue in my eyes. I am sorry Grandma I am not too happy in this one photo...I was just getting a little bit tired but mom took the shot anyways. Do I look bigger in my swing? Remember when I was just a little runt when I swung in it when I first came home and mommy wouldn't put the motion up very high because she thought I would fly out?? Well you should see me swing now! Last night mom had it almost as high as it would go and I just squealed and squealed it was so fun! I can't wait for you to see me swing like that now! You will think I am such a big girl!!!

My Hands and Feet

Hannah has discovered her hands and feet. It is cute to watch her when she is staring at her hands. She also plays with them a lot and will clasp them together and pull them apart several times. She has also started trying to grab things. She will hit the little animals that swing on her floor mat. Sometimes she will get really excited and start to squeal! She also will look at her feet a lot too. She kicks them around a lot more now as well. It's amazing how much she is changing in such a short time! It's a blast to watch!