Saturday, August 22, 2009

$5 More!

Next on the list...

Soon to be on its way...

Remember last week, we got such a deal on a tricycle for Hannah? Well, Mommy just earned $5 toward this cute little flower basket to put on it! So she has $15 now and as soon as her earnings post, this little basket will be on its way! And Ellie is going to get Hannah her streamers and bell. Yeah! So what's next on Mommy's Swagbucks list? Well, she's going to get us the Advent Storybook and Calendar to do this upcoming Christmas season. She wanted one last year and now with Swagbucks, it will be easy to snag! Then of course, after that purchase, it will be time to save up for a Christmas present or two! Thanks Swagbucks!
Do you want to join? Click on the button below and start using Swagbucks as your search engine. Every few searches you'll earn some Swagbucks. Then, get so many, and trade them in for great the $5 Amazon gift card! You'll be amazed at how quickly they add up! Mommy bought my Wheely Bug, regularly $60 for $6, and Hannah's tricycle ($27) for $2 and her basket for FREE! It's about $10 with shipping. So why not do it?

Search & Win


Tutti said...

I'm impressed that you are already thinking about advent activities! I'm excited to do a book/advent activity with my kids this Christmas.

You can check it out at:

Jessica said...

Yeah, Kelly Noonan mentioned the book I posted. She's used that with her kids the past couple of years and really likes it. It's something I want to start doing with our kids..

I'll check that site out too! thanks!!