Monday, August 17, 2009

Squint Those Eyes

Yes, we know these pictures are blurry. However, I've found that if you squint your eyes while looking at something blurry, it can actually help. Mommy was trying to capture my "unplanned" smiles and faces the other day and while she did catch them, she also captured a lot of unwanted movement...the cause of my bluriness.

A couple of weeks ago, Mommy and I sat outside before bedtime to watch a little thunderstorm. I love watching the rain. I love hearing the "funder." I told Mommy, "I'm not skeerd. Jesus will help me." And He did. Did you know God even made the rain? Mommy also told me how the dark clouds are filled with rain. So now, when we're outside, I remind Mommy that the clouds have rain in them. You know, just in case she forgets. And each day I ask Mommy if it's going to rain. Because, if it is, I want to make sure I have a front row seat.