Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love My Crocs

I think I should be the next advertisement for Crocs (however Mommy is not sure that the business is as booming as it was...why in the world not?). I LOVE my Crocs. This picture says it all. Clothes, I'm not so into. But my Crocs, I must have my Crocs. In fact, if I see them laying on the floor I get them, put them to my feet, and say, "ish, ish." That means, "Mommy put these babies on my feet." If they fall off in the car, which is known to happen from time to time, I SCREAM. Yes, as loud as I possibly can so Mommy can but only choose to return those babies to their rightful place.

And for those of you who may wonder why I am not clothed...our air upstairs has been out for oh, about a month now. However, we're all coping fine. We've all shedded a few pounds from the amount of sweat exuding each day...it's an easy weight loss plan. Just kidding. Thankfully the heat outside hasn't been too bad. We've found the 80 degree temps upstairs to bearable both to us and to the wallet.


travelingstacey said...

Sophie loves her "cwocs", too! They were the first shoes she could put on herself...and boy was she proud of that! No matter if they're off brand or not...they're all cwocs to her :-)

Learning as we Live said...

we love our crocs too! I heard they were going out of business-I can't imagine how that is true.

That is so cute that he wants to wear them so bad :)