Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Hodge Podge

Some things I'd like to say:

1) Ada is my "fwend." Now that baby John is born I hear Ada won't be coming around as much. This makes me sad. I may have to make other arrangments.

2) I love chicken nuggets. Almost every day I ask Mommy or Daddy "can we have 'fwench fwies' and chicken nuggets."

3) Ada doesn't like pickles.

4) I'm learning how to catch the butterflies in my Elefun game. Thanks again Uncle Daniel and Aunt Dani.

5) Grant does like wearing crowns regardless of what he says. A picture is worth a thousand words buddy.
6) While Ada and I enjoy to be dazzling beautiful in our princess dresses, we also enjoy some serious car garage racing.