Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mr. Organizer

Mommy thinks I'll be a neat freak. Perhaps even a little OCD. As mentioned before, I prefer no lights to be left on when leaving a room. I also prefer all tvs, radios, and other electronic devices turned off as well. I don't like anything like crumbs or stickiness on my hands. And I'm pretty dependable when it comes to picking up toys when Mommy asks (perhaps this has more to do with the my past stubborn defiance that created immense heartache, eventually leading to obedience. I wish not to return there again). Another hobby of mine involves taking out the bottles and boxes in the pantry. Then, after careful observance of each item, I return them back to an orderly position. I think I can make a pretty good bag boy at a grocery store. There's a Curious George episode on that. It's awesome. Who knows. But I do know I really enjoy this activity and so does Mommy because it gives her time to get supper ready without me hanging on her leg (I tend to do that a lot).

P.S. Yes, we have A LOT of mustard. And would you believe Mommy actually MADE money off this mustard? Next cookout, we've got the mustard.


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