Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pensive and Boogers

Call me introspective. I love to ponder. In fact, I'm known to lay in my bed wide awake, quiet. It's my most pensive time. I am not known to holler out when I awake from my slumber. Nope. I just lay there. It's my think time. I ponder things such as what will I become when I grow up or why is Hannah so small and even some more weighty issues like why is there world hunger.

On another note, my new favorite word is "boogey." In fact I've found my finger to fit nicely in those two holes in my nose. And, if I'm lucky, when I pull it out there is a prize. I have been told not to put the prize in my mouth. Okay, I've been told not to put my fingers in my nose, but come on...it fits perfectly. How can I not? But even Hannah has advised against this. Come on, really Hannah? I've seen you try it. And I know about the booger shrine on your wall next to your bed. Don't be a hypocrite. And why, you ask, am I bringing this disgusting, repulsive issue up? Well, because it's life, and that's what this blog is about. And because as I sit and type I see two very prominent "boogeys" in my top picture and it's so tempting.