Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mommy's Moment: 36 Weeks


Well, here I am...36 weeks and some days. SO READY. SO READY. I think with each child my patience at the end wanes more and more. My body aches. Restless Leg Syndrome is my enemy. Breathing doesn't come so easily. Sleep is a series of tosses and turns throughout the night while being interrupted by two pair of little feet who like to come in and...just stare. Don't ask me. And contractions have come. To those contractions I say, COME ON! Last week, for three days I had some contractions off and on. Nothing major but hopefully doing something to help this baby come on out. They've let up the past few days but after my visit to the doctor today I am hoping they'll rev back up. Here's how it went.

I got ANOTHER, yes ANOTHER ultrasound. The baby's measurements show it weighing 6lbs. 15 oz. at this point. Honestly, when I heard that I was a bit shocked. That's how much Hannah weighed when she was born. I've technically got about 3 1/2 more weeks! Of course, there is margin for error. On the small end the baby could be 5 lbs. 7 oz...on the large end it could be 7lbs. and so many ounces at this point. The doc said the baby isn't necessarily a BIG baby...just measuring on the big end of the normal range. It's all a guessing game I think. So, what to do? The doc says I have the option of just opting for a c-section or I can be induced at 38 weeks and 3 or 4 days if my body is making progress. Or we can wait. Honestly, right now, if my body is progressing I think I'll opt for the induction. I'm not sure I'm up for the possible challenge of delivering another close to 10 pounder baby and undergoing possible risks for me and/or the baby. And Grant weighed that much 4 days early. Of course my biggest prayer would be to just go into labor on my own within the next two weeks but that may not happen. Either way this little squirt could very well be here in TWO WEEKS. YOWSA. But I'm ready. Excited to meet this little one. Excited to see H and G meet this new little life they have been anticipating for months. Excited to not be pregnant.

And, for your viewing pleasure...me at 36 weeks with Grant and me at 36 weeks with Baby. I still think my stomach looks smaller this go round, thus I'm still thinking girl. But, like I've said before, I'm known to be very wrong about these things. And, if it's a boy, I'm just so pumped for his name! SO PUMPED. We shall see soon!


Mary said...

WOW Jess that is coming up so soon! I am sure it's not soon enough for you, though! haha! Hang in there!

Jess said...

So excited for you!! I am also excited that Baby Harman and Baby Stewart will be buds like Grant and Micah!!!! I hope you have preggo peace the next few weeks!!!