Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Happy Birthday Hannah!

Today is Hannah's 4th birthday! How can that be? I hardly can fathom that John and I have been parents for 4 years already. We have spent more of our married life with kids than without. In some ways I am sad to see year three go simply because it means she's getting older. In other ways, I'm clinging to my pediatrician's belief that if you buckle down on discipline in year three then year four will be a delight. And so I eagerly anticipate year four! Discipline was definitely the challenge this past year. Hannah taught me about myself, my sin, and my ongoing need for God's grace each day as I attempt to point this child to the Lord.

Her personality has developed so much more this past year. Gone are the days we thought she'd be an introverted, shy little girl. I'm excited to see her love people and her fearlessness in making new friends. One day she was at the top of the slide at Chick-fil-a making a new friend...a boy at that...and telling her her name, Grant's name and if he knew her cousins, Allie and Kyle and Baby Brooke. I loved that. I don't know if I would have been so bold at that age. She loves animals, playing outside, rocks (still), acorns, sticks, riding her bike, watching movies and playing with her friends. She's compassionate. There are times I haven't felt so good and she's grabbed my hand and told me it would be alright. She loves her brother and can't wait to meet her new sibling. I think she'll be a great helper. I could not have handpicked a more "perfect" little girl. I love her so much and while it's bittersweet to see her grow up...I look forward to seeing the Lord work in her life.

To celebrate the beginning of year four, we went to Build a Bear. Even though we have stuffed animals out our ears I thought it'd be the perfect place for Hannah. So, off we went to Macon today to pick out the newest perfect stuffed animal. Of course, Grant had to pick one too. John showed him the camo bear (appropriately) and surprisingly Grant LOVED it. Maybe hunting is in Grant's future afterall! Hannah picked out yet another dog...a bulldog perhaps. It was love at first sight. We let her pick out an outfit for her "Fluffy Dog" and the store was kind to throw in two hair bows for free. Afterwards we ate at Chili's for her special birthday lunch. On the way out Hannah told me this was a fun day. . .eating at Chili's and picking out "Fluffy Dog." I was so glad to hear that. I want her day to be special. So after naps it's birthday cookies and her favorite meal...spaghetti (or pasghetti as she STILL calls it). By the way, Grant agreed with John's idea for his bear's name..."Hunter." Yep, Grant's destiny is slowly coming true.

So, year four now awaits us. What will it bring? I'm planning on doing some preschool homeschooling with her as a trial run. We've started a bit and she's loved it. I'm praying that over this year and the next the Lord will help direct us regarding her education. She won't start kindergarten until she's almost six so we've still got some time. We shall see. I'm hoping this year will bring lots of fun, learning, and growing for all of us. I can't wait to share it all with you. Thanks for being a part of our lives!




LB said...

happy birthday, Hannah!! I'm so glad she loved her day.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Sounds like she had a super fun day! This brought tears to my eyes. What a sweetie pie Hannah is! She is such a kind friend and we think the world of her (and Grant). She is so blessed to have two parents who know and love the Lord. I know God has big big plans for her!