Friday, October 05, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Five Minute Friday


to a time out

to refreshment

to an impromptu photshoot

to a 4 year old photographer

to photos taken with one hand

to tears

to laughter

to sillines

to imperfection

to messy hair, mismatched clothes

but perfect smiles

to letting loose


to chilling out

to big blue eyes

to enjoying my children

to crooked shots

to scabby boo boos

to blurry pictures

to kisses and hugs

to too many pictures

to never enough pictures

to letting go of the plan

to living life

to not worrying about what other people think

to being real, even in pictures

to embracing the moment that too soon will pass

Welcome to real life

Welcome to the Harman Hood on this Friday afternoon.


Erika said...

Ohhh, love this! So cute! :) your family is beautiful! (stopping by via five minute friday)

LB said...


Courtney said...

oh my goodness, I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! you will treasure these candid ones so much when they're all grown. I might have to steal that idea sometime this week. so cute!

Mary said...

This is GREAT!! I love it! Who took the pictures?

Jessica said...

thanks guys, Mary, I did and then the ones with me and Hannah in them...Grant did! Proud of my little photographer ;)

Witter or Briar said...

LOVE this series!!! You and your kids are too cute!