Friday, October 19, 2012

Kate is Two

Kate, you are two.

Funny how someone so little is full of so much.

You are full of humor as you squeeze my cheeks between your two little hands and say, "chubby Mommy(when you read this later on in life please know that was a term of endearment at our house)." Or when you dance a jig for no reason at all.

You are full of snuggles as you constantly wrap your little arms around my neck so tightly when I carry you. Or when you pull my hand to your face so it can rest in its palm. Or when we rock each night, for you won't let me forget to, and you rest your head on my arm.

You are full of mishief as you poured what had to be 500 small beads across our floor. Or when you smeared toothpaste on our walls and carpet. Or dumped that bottle of shampoo out across the bathroom floor (I'm still working on that one). Or when you spread Grant's body wash on the kitchen floor (yes, kitchen). Or when you showed me you poo pooed by exposing your dirty finger. get the point.

You are full of love as you hug your brother and sister and "pet" them on their heads. Or when you say unprovoked, "Mommy, I wuv you too." Or when you put your baby in her bed and comb her hair.

You are full of giggles when Mommy makes funny faces at you or when Daddy tickles you. Or when Hannah and Grant are being silly.

You are full of song as you hum and sing as you go throughout the day. Or as we rock at night and you join in with our favorite song, "Baby Sunshine."

You are full of confidence when meeting new faces and new places. You fearlessly enter a new environment and don't bat an eye.

Kate, you are full of life. Outgoing. Easy going. I foresee you being the life of the party. A friend to many. Openly affectionate. As with Hannah and Grant, I look forward to seeing how the Lord has created you and will use you. You are a blessing to us and I know you will be a blessing to many.

Happy Birthday sweet baby Kate...

5 days late...

But that's how you roll with the third.