Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sunglasses Model Anyone?

Does anyone need a sunglasses model? Mommy got these for me when we were shopping the other day. I just LOVE them. A lot of people told mommy that I would just pull them off but I proved them wrong. I enjoy them and the nice pink tint they paint the world with. I tried them out the other day when we ran some errands and I kept them on the whole time...even inside the grocery store! We were gone for at least an hour! Mommy even caught me just sucking my thumb and looking at the new world around me caused by these super shades in my carseat while she was driving. Oh and I even put them on the top of my head like mommy so often does with her sunglasses. I feel like such a big girl! Oh and check out the sides of these beauties...just like a flower with the stem and all! How clever!!