Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bye, Bye, Birdie

Well it sure is great knowing a lot of people with babies because they often give you or let you borrow some of their stuff for awhile. Take this activity mat, for example. Some friends at our church have a young boy and are expecting another soon and they felt this mat was a little feminine for their boys so they thought of me! I am feminine! They said I could borrow it while I am little. And boy it is a blast!! Unfortunately, I got so excited one time that I kicked this bird that pops out of his house so hard that I broke it! Mommy feels really bad. I am a strong kicker though and, personally, I think mommy should have thought of that before she layed it at my feet. But we are grateful for the mat and hopefully we can figure something out to make up for the bird, or the bird head (that was all it was, it had no body...go figure), that no longer has a home.