Monday, April 16, 2007

Goofin' Off with Dad! (and a little side story)

Daddy watched me the other day while mommy went to get a haircut. Some of you may find this interesting that mommy hasn't had a professional haircut in over THREE years. She said the last time she got it cut was a few weeks before their wedding!! For those of you still interested in this story you may be wondering why then does she always have short hair if she hasn't gotten it cut in SO long. No, she doesn't have some abnormal thing wrong with her...well she kind of does...SHE has been cutting her own hair! That's a little abnormal I suppose. She said she was a little Obsessive Compulsive about it...not sure what that means. She would keep cutting it to get it just right and then say she would grow it out but she always found something she didn't like about it so she cut it yet again. Well, she finally decided the best thing to do would be to go ahead and get it professionally cut to clean it all up and the continue to grow it out. So that's what she did folks. It doesn't look too different but it doesn't have so many uneven parts to it. Well, back to the pictures. Here I am having a good time with daddy. I love this guy!


Groovers said...

These are such great pictures, you do a WONDERFUL job with this blog Jess! :) (I copied your growing chart idea from if you don't mind, thanks!) Hannah is just so adorable. We are hoping to visit GA in May...but we'll be in Cumming (north of Atlanta) mostly. We might go to Douglasville to see the Watkins - I'll call you to see what your plans are. Talk to you soon!