Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All Bundled Up at Calloway Gardens

Well last Sunday we got to go to Calloway Gardens with our good friends the Roberts. They had a big Christmas lights show. But we had to wait until it got dark before we could drive through and see them. This is us when we arrived. Can you tell it was so cold outside? Ellie and I had to wear our warm hats and coats. Mommy had to pull my socks up real high too because my pants are getting too short. We had a lot of fun although it was a long day. Ellie and I crashed on the way home. We didn't get any pictures of the lights but all I can say is that they were amazing! I gasped several times as we drove through them. I clapped to the music and said "igh" while pointing to all the beautiful lights. It was a blast...thanks Roberts for inviting us! As for what we did while we waited to see the lights, read on below. Merry Christmas!