Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My New Sibling

Well folks, meet my baby brosis (brother or sister). It is a little blurry but it was the best we could do. Like I said in an earlier post, we went to see the doctor last week. Mommy thought she was just 15 weeks along but it turned out after the ultrasound that she was 18 weeks! I loved going to see my new sibling. I said "baby" over and over when they were rolling that funny thing over mommy's tummy and showing us a picture on the screen. I laughed too because it was sorta funny.
We aren't finding out what it is, although we really think it's a boy. Yeah, yeah, mommy thought
I was a boy (you didn't think I could hear her calling me "little guy" when I was swimming around in there?). BUT, the ultrasound lady said she knew what it was right away. Oh and she said it was "gorgeous" (she was speaking of whatever she saw that let her know the sex) hmmm...don't know what she means there. AND when mommy and daddy went to see me in mommy's tummy, they got LOTS of pictures of me. They got some of my feet and a couple full body shots. With this one, we only got THREE pictures and none of them were below the tummy. So we speculated a few things. All that to say though, we still don't know. Maybe it will be a little sister. But it may be a little brother. Either way I know God knows what's best for me! Oh and this shot of my brosis is one of him sucking his arm. Maybe he'll be a thumb sucker like me!


Groovers said...

oh how exciting! little brosis is a cutie already, we're SO excited for y'all!!! :)