Friday, December 07, 2007

Eat Your Heart Out, Don King

Well, I know you've been waiting for these newest hair photos that I said would be sure to come. Here they are. For those of you interested in how to achieve this look...look no farther than your pantry. The products used in my hair were not the expensive hair gels you see with Bed Head or other name brand products. No, the products used for this look were peanut butter and a dab of jelly. You got it, PB&J (and not even the expensive peanut butter...just the store brand). And you only need use but a dallop of each. Just get a little on your fingers, then rub gently on top of your head. Make sure it's on there. Then, get a wet paper towel and try to rub it out (don't won't come out). After that, let it dry. I took a nap to make sure nothing would bother it. I rubbed it around a bit against my bumper like I always do. Then, after it's dry and kinky looking, have someone run a come through it over and over to smooth out the little chunks that still may be leftover. Once it's combed through just stand it straight up and you'll be amazed at the style you have acheived! And at a fraction of the cost of those other hair products and salons!

On a different note, mommy, daddy, and I went to the doctor to see my baby brosis. They told mommy she was actually 18 weeks, not 15. So, that's why our ticker has changed. My new sibling is closer than I thought! We'll try to post its ultrasound picture soon! Stay tuned!


Groovers said...

that hair is absolutely amazing - I'm truly speechless! haha :)