Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So This is Where the Noise Comes From

Well, I've had these maraccas for about a year now (thanks Grandma and Papa) and I am discovering new things with them. For example, that noise I've been hearing comes from the bottom of this one marraca. So now I enjoy putting it up to my ear to listen. I think mommy thought something was wrong when she saw me doing this. She tried to show me I was supposed to shake them (like I'm a dummy or something). To assure her I knew their purpose, I did shake them. But then proceeded to place the one up to my ear to enjoy the music again. She finally figured out what was doing and tried it herself. But she said it was quite loud and must be deafening to my little ears. Oh mommy, don't you worry so much!


Groovers said...

love it - she has such a funny personality! :)