Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Takin' to the Streets! (or Driveway)

So I'm takin my wheely bug outdoors for some really adventurous riding! I LOVE riding my little bug outside. There is just something about the wind blowing through my hair as I race through the open roads (just the driveway really...mommy told me "no" about going into the streets). Mommy and I went outside today and it was a blast! I even got to talk to the mailman. He seemed really impressed with my riding skills. I even went all the way down the side sidewalk. I was flying too! Last night we went out to ride my bug for a little bit too. But I didn't get to stay out nearly as long as I did today. I think it may have been due to the fact I threw a MAJOR fit when mommy pulled me off the wheely bug. She told me with a fit like that I was sure not to ride it again that night. Oh well, I guess sometimes the tears don't work. But I was real good today. When it was time to go in I went without a fight! (I was pooped from all that action)