Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A New Hobby

So I picked up a new hobby this month...coloring. But, I'm not very good at it yet. Most of the beautiful artwork you see displayed on my paper is from mommy. I had a hard time getting these things into my grip. They're made to be easy to use for little hands like mine...but I'm not so sure about that. Next time they should consult a little tyke like me when doing market research. But when I finally did get them in my grasp I had to first see how they tasted (not too good for those of you interested). I did end up making a few dot marks on my paper...nothing to impressive I'm afraid. But mommy told me to give it some time and before long she'll be hanging my artwork for all to see! Yipee!


Tanya said...

those are the coolest crayons! where'd you get them? Do standard size crayons fit inside?