Saturday, April 25, 2009

A.I.T. (Artist in Training)

You've heard of M.I.B, N.K.O.T.B, A.S.A.P, and M.I.A, but have you heard of an A.I.T? Probably not. He's name? Gwant Harman. He's my artist in training. He's a bit difficult to work with. Eating crayons isn't what being an artist is about. And those colorful knobs on my easel, they're just there to hold the easel together. They have nothing to do with being an artist. However, it seems Gwant can't keep his eyes and hands off of them. While he's drooling (seriously) over crayons and colorful knobs, he's missing out on my dynamic artistry. He doesn't make for a good student. On a side note: yes, those are my mermaid panties. Excuse my indiscretion. I'm an artist. I enjoy the freedom of movement. My pants, they were a hinderance.


LB said...

Ada has been asking about Hannah all day long, and then she proceeds to ask about Ruph (Ruth). She has also become quite attached to Piglet. I keep reminding her that Piglet actually belongs to Hannah and that we have to give him back tomorrow.