Saturday, April 04, 2009

Serious Business

I take my job as slide patrolman very seriously. Why, you ask, do I feel the need to patrol the slide? Well, it's to protect my big sis. You see, a couple of weeks ago Hannah was standing right where I have now taken up post. She was enjoying watching the other children go through the tunnel and down the slide. Now, if I'm honest, Hannah is a bit shy when it comes to being around bigger groups. She's more likely to take it all in before fully committing to the fun. And on that disappointing day, that's exactly what she was doing. All of a sudden, out of the blue (or the tunnel to be more exact) a boy came and hit her on her head. Folks, it wasn't pretty. Hannah had her mouth open for like a minute while she silently sobbed...and then...the ear piercing scream. I think her feelings were hurt more than her head. But I didn't like that boy picking on my sister. No sir. And so, it won't happen again, not while I'm on patrol here. And, you do see some crazy things (hence the weird face I'm making in that one photo...I won't even get into that) while being the slide patrol man. But it's worth it if I can protect Hannah from any more suprise attacks.