Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Growing

I just wanted you all to know, I'm growing. Take this article of clothing (Daddy says boys don't wear outfits so I must say, article of clothing) for instance. It fits nicely, right? It's comfortable. I can move around nicely. It's an all around fine piece of clothing. Well, I put on the same type of "article of clothing" yesterday (mind you this was taken a couple of weeks ago. I know, we're still behind). It wasn't so fine. In fact, I felt like the Incredbile Hulk. It was if I was going to bust out of it any second. In fact, some things did bust out of it...poop. But that's a story for another time. It's a 12 month suit. And in two weeks it went from comfortable to very uncomfortable. Even my poopy wasn't comfortable in it. So folks, the conclusion one can draw from this is, I'm growing. Mommy is just sad because she and Grandmama picked out three other suits just like this a few weeks ago. Maybe some of my younger friends can benefit from them...boys only though.