Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So Long Diapers...My Potty Training Tales

What's new in my world? Panties. Yes sir (or mam). I've said so long to diapers and hello to the world of princess panties. The past two weeks I've been training hard. . .potty training that is. I was a bit disappointed to realize there is, in fact, no actual train to ride. I told Mommy and Daddy time and again that I wanted to see the "Potty Train." I've yet to see it, so I've come to the conclusion there is no train and that it was just a ploy to get me excited about pee-peeing on the potty. But, it worked. Yes sir (or mam) I am pee-peeing and poo-pooing on the potty quite well. I've even graced the public bathrooms of Michael's (twice, once it was a false alarm) and Walgreens and left my mark in their potties. It was a little difficult though because Mommy had me hovered over the potty while Grant barely hung onto her waist. I recommend waiting to potty at home if you're one to get stage fright. And while I've had a few number two accidents, I am still averaging above 50% for times gone in the actual potty. Impressive, I know. My favorite part about "doing the do", going with Mommy to put it down the toilet. I say, "He's swimming!" and then, "He's going to see his mommy," as he whirls away into the dark unknown. It's fun! And, just as Mommy says, "I'm so proud of you Hannah," when I do my business. I return the favor and say, "I'm so proud of you Mommy," as she whisks my excretions away and empties them into the toilet. It's a team effort. And now that I'm an expert I've decided to potty train my dollie. Well, just today I told Mommy that she, my dollie, poo-pooed in her bed. So, I, just like Mommy, went to clean it up. And then, lo and behold, she pee-peed on the floor. So, I, just like Mommy, went to clean it up as well. This potty training is hard (and messy) business. But we've all got to do it!


Jenny said...

Yay Hannah!! Now, come to my house and show Andrew.

He sits on the potty, whines the whole time, stands up, walks over to the other side of the bathroom, and pees on the floor.

And proceeds to stomp in it like its a mud puddle before I can get a towel!

dawn said...

that's a very appropriate, non-embarassing picture of potty time, Jess.