Monday, April 13, 2009

Aunt Ashey!

Still two weeks or so behind....Ashey came to visit me and Gwant (I have a hard time saying my r's so Grant comes out like Gwant when I speak...looks like speech class for me too. Mommy went to speech class for this same problem). I was thrilled to see Maggie and show off my mad Wheely Bug skills for Ashey. I did have a slight injury. While running around in circles full of excitement, I fell on the driveway and got a boo-boo. When asked if I'd like a band-aide, I exclaimed no. Some of you may remember my intense fear of band-aides as documented in one of my doctor posts. Ashey said I was a tough little girl. So now, when asked about my boo-boos, I respond with "I'm a tough little gurl." I sure do like when Ashey and Maggie come. I can't wait for another visit soon!