Saturday, April 25, 2009


I wanted to show off my climbing skills to Mommy when she wasn't looking. So, as she was rinsing off dishes, I decide to make my way onto the dishwasher. When she turned around I yelled, "SURPRISE!" (okay, not really but in my head that's what I screamed). It seems that Hannah never ventured to climb onto the dishwasher when she was my age. Man, she doesn't know what she missed! It's amazing up here. There are spoons, dishes, and forks galore. I wanted to get my hands on everything. But, it seems Mommy didn't. And so, shortly after this shot was taken, I was displaced to the floor and encouraged to go back to my usual ways of playing. I mean, how much longer can I be entertained by that singing farm game and Hannah's stroller?


LB said...

so you've got a climber? I can relate. Ada has climbed onto the oven door more times than I can count, and the dishwasher has always been a problem. Awww...little Grant is getting bigger.