Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Growing Up

Mommy says I'm growing up more and more everyday. Mommy and Daddy both notice my ever expanding vocabulary, but haven't I always had a wide vocabulary? I mean, what 3 year old has had her own blog since she was born? I do like to repeat things I hear. My favorite things I like to add when I'm talking is, "what in the world," "what a sweetie," "oh my gosh," and "member, last night..I did dat?" I use this last phrase any time I'm referring to something that happened in the past. The other things I say are most often phrases that Mommy says. Mommy says she has to be careful with what she says. She tells me "oh my gosh," isn't the best thing to say but she says it all the time. Sometimes old habits are hard to break I suppose.