Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh the Craziness

Things can get a little crazy at our house. Mommy wonders why the house just can't stay clean. Here's why: she has two crazy kids named Hannah and Grant. Our painting passion is guaranteed to take a good hour or two out of Mommy's day. So, the time she could spend getting ahead on the laundry, cleaning a bathroom, or vaccuming she actually spends cleaning up a painted table and painted kids. Obviously Grant is the worse of the two of us...figures. Grant and I have also taken a liking to wrestling. Yes, I have pinned my "brudder" down on the couch. And, wrestling can cause some messes around the house...such as pillows on the floor, tipped over lamps, broken windows, and the such (just kidding...sort of). And finally, if stickers are anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE in the house, Grant and I are sure to find them...and stick them. Yes, stick them on the walls, on our bodies, on the floor. Thanks to Mommy's scrapbooking fetish stickers are close at hand. So, we're really good at making messes...so good that Mommy has no time to clean up anything else during the day. Oh the Craziness! Oh the Craziness!


Groovers said...

yes, we can identify with the sticker situation as well...we find them everywhere, haha!

Jenny said...

Jess, those were fantastic pictures :)

I don't want to make light of what you're saying but it made me feel sooo much better to see the chaos you have...especially after what you read in my last blog post!

Now when Andrew runs around with mac & cheese on his face wearing only the top half of his PJ's, I won't feel bad :)

Jessica said...

Jenny, glad you can relate! haha...I think it's just the season we're in...glad it encourages you...haha!!