Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Long Summer, Hello Fall!

Here's Grant doing a water relaxation technique. It's working.

Here's our official send off to summer...what more fitting than our second to last visit to the pool. It was a lovely day. The sun was shining. The water was...frigid...and the scenery was lovely. However, our last visit to the pool, well, it wasn't so lovely. You see, Mommy had promised me and Grant one last trip to the pool one Tuesday. It was the only day we could do it before they officially closed the pool. We woke up to an overcast day, not raining mind you for had that been the case this post would be non existant. Mommy stepped outside to experience a rather unusual frigidness in the air for an early September day. She tried to talk us out of it, but her guilty conscience wouldn't let her. So, we suited up. If anyone was out in their yard that brisk, cloudy, September morning, they would have thought us out of our minds. It was in the high 60's and we were in our suits headed to the pool. And, as Mommy suspected, a deserted pool greeted us. We were the only crazy people that day ANYWHERE who chose to go swimming. And I use swimming loosely. I did the closest thing to swimming. With my floaties on my arms I splashed around and worked on my new swim moves...yes I can paddle through the water without help now. Mommy did the next closest thing to swimming. She very slowly inched her way into what felt like 40 degree water. And Grant, well he did no swimming at all as he clutched tightly to Mommy. Any attempts to lower him into the arctic water proved to be detrimental. After a few minutes of near hypothermia, Mommy suggested we eat our nice lunch. Grant and I happily complied. So there we sat. Grant and I bundled up in our towels, teeth chattering, lips a pale blue, eating our PB and Js. We were going to have a good time. It was our last trip to the pool. We had to make it a good one. Mommy asked us several times (good thing Grant can't talk or the outcome may have been different) if we wanted to head back. I adamantly said no. I wanted to get back in the water. So, after our lunches were devoured and after recovering from a mild fall racing back to the icey waters, we eased back into the hypothermia tank. The wind blew. Our teeth chattered. And, after a few minutes passed, we all agreed it was time to head home. I said good bye to my much loved pool. Mommy said we'd be back next summer and that the playground would be a much more appropriate place to play with the changing weather. Good bye pool, good bye summer. We had a great time!