Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Little Ballerina

I love all things ballerina. In fact, I am wearing Mommy's first ballet costume, though still a little big. Give me a couple of years and I'll be sure to fill it out. When we drive in the car I tell Mommy, "I want a ballerina song." And she searches the radio until I say, "yes, that's it." It takes awhile. Only a certain tune can qualify as a ballerina song. . .Mommy doesn't quite understand this. Her picks for ballerina songs aren't up to par with my standards. Give her time.

On a different note, yesterday was my three year old checkup. I weighed in at 26 pounds even. That shot me up into the 6th percentile. This is big news in the Harman household. Dr. Pulliam says I'm growing faster than normal kids my age but that that's okay. He said the same thing about Grant when he went for his checkup (by the way, we're only two pounds apart). Mommy wonders if it's unusual we're BOTH growing at a faster rate. Hmmm...maybe too many snacks for us! All in all, my doctor's visit was great! I love to go now...which is something new. I smiled the whole time Dr. Pulliam checke me out. I even showed him how high I can jump. I think he was impressed.