Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mommy's Moment: Couponing's Effect

Most of you know my new couponing passion. I am so thankful for this new tool to use. It has helped us save bundles of money. I am thankful to the Lord for this. Obviously, it has impacted our finances. However, it has also had another effect on our lives...particularly Hannah's.

We were driving back from Birmingham yesterday and I chose to go back a slightly different way thanks to a bathroom break at the Wendy's off Camp Creek Parkway. Sidenote: bathroom breaks are NEVER fun when you're by yourself with two kids. I'll just say, I've become quite adept at holding an infant while squatting at a 90 degree angle with a curious toddler commentating about my every move. And, if any other poor soul happens to be in the next stall, she also enjoys commentating on their a quite loud voice. But, that's a post for another time. Back to the point. As we drove down Camp Creek Parkway Hannah said, "Mommy, there's a CVS. But we won't go "dare" today." I looked around and sure enough, to my right was a CVS. We continue down the road a bit and I hear, " 'dare's Publix." And I look and to my left sits a Publix. Hmm. We continue on and seconds later she says, "And dare's Chilis!" That one got me because we've eaten at Chili's maybe two times since we've had her.

Two things I gathered from this: 1) She is recognizing environmental print. As a teacher, this was something I always told parents to do...have their kids find signs they recognize. It's a beginning step in reading. I was impressed Hannah recognized these signs out of context. However, am I that surprised...especially regarding CVS and Publix? 2) CVS and Publix have become a major part in our lives thanks to couponing. I can't help but laugh at this. These two stores are a part of our weekly routine. And they come up in regular conversation. Sad, I know. One night I was putting Hannah to bed and I said, "Guess where we are going tomorrow (fully expecting an answer like the pool or Grandma's house)?" But instead I got, "CVS!" WOW. Really? Yes, my daughter becomes quite excited at the site of our CVS. Most of the time she says, "There's CVS!" in her breathy excited voice.

So yes, couponing has left a great impact on our finances...but it has also left quite an impact on my almost three year old daughter!


Groovers said...

that's really cute! I especially sympathize with the "side note" about bathrooms, it can be quite an adventure to say the least! and Savannah is quite the commentator too, can be a bit embarrassing, haha!