Thursday, September 03, 2009

What My Future Holds

Will I be a chef? I like to stir. Give me a spoon and a pot and I am one happy fella. Or, if a pot isn't handy, I'm fine with all of Hannah's cooking pieces. I also find great satisfaction in handing Mommy every piece of silverware from the clean dishwasher. I make sure to use my manners and say, "ga-ga (thank you)" every time we make an exchange. Perhaps only a true lover of the kitchen would find pleasure in emptying the dishwasher.

Or perhaps I'll be a real handyman. Daddy has a lot of cool tools around. Take this flashlight, for example. Okay, at first I thought it was a's obvious by my "I'm ready for you to take my picture" face. How embarrassing. I realized shortly after the silence that this, indeed, was a flashlight and not a camera. But, I do find enjoyment in seeing what all of these great tools do. So, maybe I'll put that curiosity to work one day and be a tool conossieur.

But, until then, I think I'll enjoy exploring all the great things around me. And, have fun just being me!


Tutti said...

you crack me up!