Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey, It's My Name!

Not that I can read or anything but we found a sign that had my name on it! I think Mommy was more excited than I was. Of course, this required a picture to be taken. You can tell how I felt about that. Afterwards, we took one last stroll under the tent before heading out to do some hard labor. Personally, I was just fine with the pumpkin I found under the tent. Hannah was too. In fact she loved all the pumpkins. Surprisingly though, she did not kiss any of them. My fellow readers, she's a kisser. In fact, we've had to stop at the grocery store so she could kiss several stuffed animals on display. But, she goes further. She kisses things that aren't meant to be kissed. Yes, I'm talking boxes, rocks, trees, bottles...you name it, she'll kiss it. I hate to break it to her. Those aren't real.