Monday, November 16, 2009

My Raincoat

Do you have a raincoat? I do. In fact, I am a bit obsessed with mine. You see, for awhile, I didn't have a raincoat. However, I dreamed of one. I talked of one. I imagined myself wearing one during a "thundewstowm." I often asked Mommy where my raincoat was when it started to rain. She couldn't come up with a solid answer. Well, Grandmama saved the day. She brought me a bag of hand me down clothes and what lay on top? A yellow raincoat. You can only imagine how my heart jumped at the sight of this beauty. Immediately I put it on. It didn't come off. I wanted to sleep in it. Then, it did come off. But, one rainy day...or a potentially rainy day...I put it on. You see, my friend Ada was with me (you can understand her frowny face in our picture together. She, like me, wants a raincoat too....that's a job for you Mrs. Laura Beth). So Ada, Gwant, and I (with Mommy of course) waited outside on this potentially rainy day. Me, in my raincoat, everyone else...not so much. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the ominous clouds finally followed through on all that talk (thunder) and raindrops fell from the sky. Mommy scampered to get Grant and Ada under the porch while I....well....while I ran under the porch too. After all that waiting, something just didn't feel right to me about standing in the rain. However, Grant and Ada, they felt fine standing in the rain, minus a raincoat. So there I stood, under the porch, in my raincoat while Ada and Grant ran freely in the rain...with no raincoat. Finally, Mommy coaxed me out. I stood hesitantly in a light sprinkle as my raincoat did its thing. It worked I guess. I stayed dry underneath. But I think I'm going to have to practice a little more about this running around in the rain with my raincoat. I enjoy wearing for more of a fashion statement. I'm not one for really getting too dirty or wet. I just like lookin' gooooood.