Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mommy's Moment: A Baby Story

We officially have our own "A Baby Story." Most of you already know that last Thursday, October 14th, little Kate Irene Harman entered the world at 1:59 pm. Her weight: a pleasant 7 lbs. 8 ounces! Hooray! She was 19 inches long. Overall, the delivery couldn't have gone any more smoothly. We went in last Wednesday afternoon to start the cervidil. We arrived at 3 pm. The cervidil FINALLY went in at 6:15. I know that time well because it was the most uncomfortable part besides the contractions after they broke my water. The nurse informed me I had to lay flat on my back for two hours for the cervidil to get settled. Well, contractions started. They weren't unbearable...but when you're lying flat on your back with no option to move, the pain was pretty miserable. Thankfully a different nurse came in and wondered why in the world I was lying on my back. She informed me I could readjust to deal with the pain. She was my hero. The rest of the night I had consistent contractions with no sleep. But, I figured, this is what I'd be doing at home if I had gone into labor. The next morning they got me on pitocin early. Shortly thereafter, they broke my water. The contractions were miserable. My next hero came in very shortly after...the anesthiesologist. By 9:00 am I was feeling good. By 1:00 pm the wonderful nurse told me I'd have my baby by 2:00. My epidural was not magically working at this point. I debated on getting a top off but the nurse said that the baby would be here in less than an hour. She was right. I started pushing at 1:50. I was a bit nervous because by this point the contractions were very noticeable but once I figured how to work with wasn't so bad and by 1:59 Kate arrived into our world! It's the best feeling to see that baby come out. What a miracle and what a blessing to experience that. I am thankful to the Lord for a smooth, easy delivery. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement throughout the process. It meant a lot.

Since Kate has come home, it's continued to be a pretty smooth adjustment. Part of this I know is due to my mom being here for a week. She's helped a ton and always makes these first several days more bearable. And also because, so far Kate has been an easy baby. She isn't fussy very often. Grant was SO FUSSY those first two weeks. I'm thankful to be spared that so far. And nursing has come easily so far although we're hitting a few bumps in the road now. Waking a very sleepy baby to eat is such a headache. Baby situps, wet cloths, undressing her down to her skimmies, etc. etc. etc. is a reminder of feeding Hannah four years ago. BUT, the good news is that her weight looks good. HOORAY. Last night she slept two four hour stretches in her crib. The first several nights we slept on the couch together. I was desperate for sleep and this was about the only gurantee I had of some sort of sleep. Thankfully she's finding comfort swaddled in her own crib now.
Hannah and Grant are adjusting well...Grant, suprisingly moreso than Hannah. He's been perfect. He loves to kiss her. Hannah has been sick since we got home from the hospital. Today was the first day she was somewhat back to normal. But being sick has made her extra clingy and emotional. I'm looking forward to having my normal Hannah back!

So, here we are...a family of five now. What a blessing each of these little lives are. I am honored to be given the role as their mother. It's a hard, demanding job but a job I wouldn't trade in for anything.


The Noonan's said...

So excited for you friend! How fortunate those 3 kiddos are to have you as their Mommy. You looked great today and so glad the process has been smooth so far. Praying for continued peace in the transition.

travelingstacey said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad everything went well! I hope Hannah gets better soon and everyone keeps adjusting well.

Jess said...

Congrats!!!! Can't wait to meet Baby Kate. Praying for you all!!!