Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mommy's Moment: A Farewell to Pregnancy

Farewell pregnancy. Farwell Restless Leg Syndrome. Farewell heartburn. Farewell sciatica. Farewell maternity clothes (well most of you). Farewell nausea and extreme irratibility. Farewell countless bathroom trips. Farewell big tummy. Farewell awkwardness. There will be no affectionate feelings toward your departure. My only affectionate farewell I give to my sweet baby's movements across my belly. Your presence will be missed but your arrival is highly anticipated. Sweet baby it is time for your arrival whether you like it or not.
I had hoped this baby might be as anxious as me to get this process started. It appears it is not. Hannah and Grant had already begun making their moves by this point in pregnancy. Not so much with this one. Perhaps this will be a patient, content baby...that rarely cries and who loves to sleep contentedly at night in its crib and who is completely satisfied with nursing. A parent can dream right?
We head out tomorrow afternoon at 3pm to get this process started. Part of me feels guilty for forcing this baby out. But then I remind myself that we are doing this to protect me and the baby from a possible difficult and harmful delivery if we waited. I know, I know, if you're like EVERY other person in the world then you look at my belly and say there is no way that is a big baby. Perhaps you and the world are right. I agree in that I don't think it will be as big as Grant...thankfully. My neighbor guessed a 6 pound baby. I will laugh if this squirt comes out weighing 6 pounds after all the stress over its weight! However I will be thrilled at the same time because pushing out a six pounder is much easier than pushing out an almost ten pounder! I've had the priviledge of experiencing both.
I'm excited to see the end of pregnancy. Lately I have felt sick and EXTREMELY irritable...John and the kids can attest to that. I am excited to meet our new baby. I'm excited for Hannah and Grant to finally see their new sibling they have so eagerly waited for. And I must say, they are quite prepared. I've been watching A Baby Story on TLC. For some reason I love watching it when I'm pregnant. Call me crazy. Well, I'm not the only one. Hannah and Grant are glued to that show. Here's Hannah's commentary on my delivery thanks to the wealth of information she's been fed through that show:
"You're going to go to the hospital to have the baby. And you will push it out. You will cry but it's a happy cry."
And she's made comments about how there will be no pants on to have the baby and how it will hurt. But she's okay with it all. As for Grant, he ain't skeerd either. Perhaps we have a future OBGYN on our hands because upon waking up from his nap today I asked if he wanted to watch the Backyardigans or A Baby Story. He chose A Baby Story. Yep, that's my boy.
Grant. I think losing his "babyhood" is the saddest thing for me about having this third baby. When I had him Hannah grew up in an instant. She was now the big sister. I put responsibility on her she had never had before...and she was just 20 months!! So I shed a tear tonight as I thought of Grant now growing up in an instant. As soon as I see that newborn Grant will soon become a big boy. That saddens me a bit. But I think he'll adjust to his role marvelously. He loves all the babies at church. . .a lot. I think he'll love this one too.
So, those are my thoughts. They say by Thursday this baby should be here. Hopefully it will be a smooth process without any drama. That's what we're praying. Can't wait to share the news with you!
Oh and feel free to place guess on how big the baby will be...the winner will receive a full day's worth of changing its diapers along with an overnight stay in the nursery to feed it (I can forego breastfeeding one night)! Good luck! ;)


LB said...

I want to guess--I say in the 7 lb range--maybe 7'5 ish? Because isn't the point of going early to prevent the baby from being huge, and if it is a girl, it should be smaller than Grant, right? But I don't think it will be as small as Hannah. Ahhh...I can't wait!!!

Learning as we Live said...

That is so funny that they like A Baby Story! They will be great big siblings :) I can't wait to hear your news. I'll be praying for a quick and safe delivery. I'll say 6'12

Mary said...

You're so funny!! I laughed out loud at your contest...but I will guess anyways because you know I could use a baby fix!! : ) I say just shy of 7 pounds, anywhere from high sixes to low sevens. Thats my totally unscientific guess! Can't wait to hear, you will be covered in prayer tomorrow. Love you!

Grandmama said...

Jess, have I told you that I Love you, You are such a good Mother to our Grandchildren. I will be praying for you today and tomorrow . God will be with you .
I think this new little one will weigh in 8 lbs 2 oz. We will see you on Thursday afternoon unless this little one comes sooner.

Jenny said...

I say 7 lbs 7 oz. But 19". Short and fully rounded :) Can't wait to hear/see the news, Jess! Best wishes!

Trista said...

I just loved reading this post. So well written. I can just feel all of those emotions right there with you and I'm not even pregnant!! We are praying for you and the new little one. Can't wait to meet this precious baby!! 6.4 is my guess.

Courtney said...

Sooo excited! I'm guessing a girl who weighs around 7 lbs even! WIsh I could bring you a meal or take your kids for a few days (I mean, what's 2 more to add to our chaos?) but alas, too far. hope to see you all sometime soon. I can't believe I've actually never met your kids in person. I feel like I know them. LOVE YOU, we'll be praying Wed/Thurs.

The Noonan's said...

Oh friend! Thinking of you! My guess 8lb 4oz and 19 1/2 inches and born around 2:20pm. Can't wait to here the news - the names and happy, happy joy joy!