Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Blogger to Report

Hi, I'm Kate. Apparently I'm supposed to be "blogging" about my life. Well, I'm just 1 week old. I'm not too sure what blogging is. Cut me some slack as I get a feel for this new endeavor. Most mommies just expect their babies to eat, sleep, and poop. Not my mom. Nope, she expects me to eat, sleep, poop, AND blog. Phew. High expectations must run in this household.

I'll start my first blog post by telling you a bit about myself. And, seeing as though I'm only one week, it won't be very long so for those of you with a ton of things to do, this shouldn't keep you too long from them.

*I love to be swaddled. It seems that being the third child, I have the priviledge of experiencing Mommy's mastery of the swaddle. It seems she never quite mastered the technique with Hannah and Grant but she was bound and determined to get this thing right with me. I must say, she did. And I love it.

*I have a droopy eye. . .not permanently, I hope, but droopy nonetheless. They call it a blocked tear duct. I call it a fat, swollen eye that oozes goop everytime I try to sleep. Mommy has mentioned it to the doctor three times and made a call after hours about it. It still seems I have a blocked tear duct that has to run its course. It just makes me look I handled a mean punch at just one week. I like to think I won.

*I'm a pretty good eater I like to think. It seems I'm excelling more in this area than Hannah and Grant did at this age. Although, my love for sleeping is at odds with my love for eating. Lately sleeping has been more persistent and because of this I've been stripped practically naked, had air blown in my face, been forced to do baby situps, and been tickled a bit on my head.
*I have two siblings. One who has been very sick and been told to stay away from me. Because of this I have yet to fully bond with her. She seems great though. The other, well he's a bit enamored by me. He gives me kisses and keeps insisting on touching my eyes (I think he's intrigued by my goopy eye). When told no by Mommy he proceeds to touch my ears and my fingers. I think I'll like this guy but he does intrude into my space a bit. In fact, he managed to break my favorite spot in the house...the blue bouncy seat. I liked to think of it as my calm space. Thanks to Grandma though, I got a brand new special seat that surpasses my old one. And with it came my little yellow bunny.

So, there's a few things about me. Life's been good thus far. I like my family. I like my bed. Hopefully I'll like blogging too.


Jenny said...

Cute, Jess! I have a weird remedy for the clogged duct. Emily had both clogged when she was an infant, and the nurse in the hospital told me to put breastmilk in her eye!! Crazy! But it worked! A friend of mine did it too, and it worked for her. I mean, it couldn't hurt anything.

Jess said...

She is precious!!!!

The Noonan's said...

Precious!!! I love sleeping babies! Enjoy your day of being a mother of one.

The Noonan's said...

OH! I heard about the breast milk thing too - can't hurt to try

Jessica said...

thanks Jenny! that's good to know! Thankfully this morning it looked completely normal but if it rises back up I will definitely try it! thanks friend!

Mary said...

She is so beautiful! And she does look awfully comfortable in that professional swaddling job you you do adult swaddling? I think that looks pretty comfy!! : )