Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Brother

I'm a big brother now. With that comes responsibility. I've got to watch out for Kate. Make sure no one picks on her. It's a big job. But I'll do it. I love my Baby Kate. I love to kiss her. I love to touch her. I love to look at her. It bothers me when her eyes are not open. When her eyes do open, I say "Baby Kate's eyes open!" And then I proceed to put my face as close to her's as I can. I hear babies can't see too well at first. The closer you get the better. So, I get real close. Some of you have been wondering of my adjustment. Some, I know, thought I may be a little jealous. Well, I'm here to tell you I'm not. I can't be. I'm her big brother. How can a jealous big brother take care of his little sister? No, I've put childish things aside and put on my big boy pants. And big boy pants are what it takes to make sure my little sis is well taken care of!


LB said...

so sweet! That little guy just melts my heart. Can't wait to see Baby Kate again.

Mary said...

He is such a trooper! I am always so impressed when I am in the nursery with him, he just seems to be a "get along" kinda guy, no muss no fuss. Just cool. It was great to see you guys today!